If you’re a homeowner and paying a high electricity bill then there are very high chances that you haven’t installed solar power on your roof yet. Australian homeowners are switching to solar energy at the fastest rate in history. If you are also want to be a part of this new energy and money saving revolution then we will be glad to advise you on this matter.

Ask these question if you think solar isn’t for you.

  • Do you want to contribute to reducing carbon emissions for the future generation?

A good solar system pays for itself in around 3-5 years. Solar panels can save money in the long-term by saving hundreds off your energy bill every year.

How Residential Solar system Works?

When solar panels produce electricity, it gets used in the house first and if it doesn’t get used in the house because no one is in the house power is then fed grid. For every kWh of electricity that your solar panels export to the grid, your energy distributor will pay you a few cents off your electricity bill. A good solar system can Increase the value of your home or business. You may also get rebates or other clean energy incentives offered by the Government.