Commercial Solar Packages

Greencell Energy can offer a wide range of commercial solar packages to Apartments, Commercial, Industries, Schools & Hospitals. We provide customised solutions with the latest technology to suit your business needs. Our goal is to work with our clients to install a top-quality commercial solar system for its obvious economic and environmental benefits.

Benefits of Solar Power for Businesses

  • Take advantage of government solar incentives in your area.

  • $0 upfront finance options available.

  • Flexible solar packages to suit your business needs.

  • Reduce your dependence on rising energy costs.

  • Low maintenance and environment friendly.

Commercial solar Panels Cairns


Thinking of commercial solar system for your business in Cairns is a great idea. your business will use the energy generated from solar system first. This will reduce your dependency on grid and coal-fired electricity. As it’s a grid connected system, if you need more power, your system will automatically buy electricity from the grid. If your system has generated excess solar power, your solar will automatically sell it back to the grid. When you’re looking for a quote for a commercial solar panel system, you’re making a significant investment into the future running costs of your business. You could spend months researching solar yourself, or you could go to a short list of solar companies you can trust with a large-scale commercial solar project.
Being an Approved Solar Retailer, we guarantee not only quality installation but expert advice & experience in large-scale commercial solar project management.


Better Investment

In general, Commercial solar is often a better investment than residential solar because businesses use most of the power during the daytime such as Workshops, Schools, Government buildings etc. This results in better ROI(return of investment) for businesses as they can use most of the power generated from solar system and can save around 21c/kWh Instead of selling power back to the grid for around 7c/kWh, Most of the businesses we have installed solar panels have received their money back in 3-4 years.
Commercial installations can be complicated installations and it might not be possible to share the cost over the phone or on websites. There are many factors that can affect the price of commercial solar projects:

  • Pitch of the roof
  • Panels layout as per inverter
  • configurations
  • Single story or Multistorey buildings. (use of crane, edge protection etc.)
  • Full switchboard upgrades and relocation
  • Distance from inverter to switchboard
  • Panel placement to minimize shading


Once our team has all the necessary approvals, we will get to installation. This is taken care of by CEC approved solar installers. We at all times adhere to CEC guidelines to ensure safe and quality installation.


Please note: A large portion of the solar install cost is the labour cost. Going for an inferior quality panel can result in replacing them after few years, and this can cost you even more for the long run.

Over the years, we have developed excellent relationships with our customers and we ensure that our customers get best advice and best ROI. We only install premium quality, reliable and affordable products. If you’re looking for the best quality commercial solar system, then look no further then Greencell Energy. Call us at 1300920854

Our 2-4 week Installation Process

1. Free Property Assessment

The first step towards solar power is to get your site accessed by our solar power specialist. We will prepare a personalised report after site assessment to tailor the best possible solar solution for your home and business.

2. Project Proposal

From the data, we collect at on-site evaluation and after a careful assessment of your needs, the Greencell Energy consultant will prepare a system proposal specific to your needs. We will prepare a comprehensive proposal for you, which includes the layout of the panels, Estimated annual production report of panels, detailed findings, equipment specifications, system size suggestions, economical and environmental benefits, warranties, and advantages as well as an outline of our entire process.

3. Regulatory

You don't have to hassle around for any applications or paperwork for grid approvals. We enable and ensure all pre-approvals; paperwork with the local Distributor that is required is obtained in parallel as your installation progresses. All we require from you are just a few signatures.

4. Installation Solar System

After acquiring the necessary approvals from local energy distributors, We ensure a smooth and clean installation process in the shortest possible time All solar installations are performed by CEC approved solar installer as per CEC installer guidelines.
We will work with you to set an installation date that is conveniences for you

5. Organizing Grid Connection

After a successful solar installation, Greencell energy will submit all the required documents to the local distributor to get you connected with the grid. After the paperwork is received by your local distributor, they will organize a change of meter or reconfiguration of a smart meter.

6. Monitoring Your Solar System

At Greencell Energy we will set up wi-fi monitoring of your solar system so you can see how much your solar system is producing and how much energy is going back to the grid. For your Peace of mind, you can also keep a track of your usage and solar production. Our remote data monitoring facility ensures your site is monitored regularly. This helps us in ensuring your systems are functioning efficiently and help us to proactively take any service action if required

7. Operation and Maintenance

Annual service visits are planned to ensure the system is checked, calibrated, and serviced if required. Our contracts ensure long system life and minimal downtime to maximize financial returns.

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