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Solar Systems in Townsville that Add to Savings

Townsville is a coastal city in the northeastern region of Queensland, Australia. The residents and commercial spaces can avail of STC discounts on solar systems in Townsville. The Small-scale Technology Certificates are passed on to local businesses making solar power systems incredibly affordable.

The STCs are traded for renewable energy points that can be used to avail discounts directly. Due to these, a business can avail nearly $7400 in discounts for a 13.32kW system. Due to the city’s location, it receives about 5.5 to 6 hours of daily sunlight.

This amount of exposure can seamlessly harness the sun’s energy. Townsville households or small businesses can harness 25kW to 28kW of solar energy daily with solar panel systems.

This is necessary to keep the rising electricity prices in mind. The harnessed electricity can lower grid dependency significantly and add about $2000 or $2500 in savings on electricity bills. Moreover, the switch is sustainable in the long run. Without any compromise on appliance usage to cut down on energy costs. 

Greencell Energy is a premier and CEC accredited retailer for solar power systems. We help residential and commercial spaces make the green switch and save on power bills. 

We are a trusted name in the industry. All our recommendations are made after analysing your energy consumption patterns. Every product installed is sure to help save on power bills. Our unbeatable value solar packages include the most popular sizes 6.6kW, 10.3kW, 11.1kW, 13.2kW and a 6.6kW battery storage system.

High-quality Solar Products to Save on Power Bills!

Range of products that add to savings on energy bills. Speak with our experts today!

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We are a CEC Accredited Retailer and Solar Installers in Townsville

100% Australian Owned and Operated Solar Company

We have years of experience in installing solar panels across Townsville. Our experts are familiar with the local energy requirements. This way we always recommend products that help save on power bills.

We focus on your satisfaction

Our experts make sure to address your concerns whenever you have them. Our product recommendations are exclusive to your needs and we offer maintenance services whenever needed.

Always at your reach

Our team of experts are always a call away. We help with your inquiries about solar panel Townsville systems, help to claim current rebates and incentives. Our solar quotes inspections are free. We have a Townsville office location.

We are CEC Accredited Retailers and Installers

We are a Clean Energy Council certified retailer of solar power systems. Our range of products is from top manufacturers in the industry. We also help property owners claim interest for solar rebates and incentives.


Our clients praise us for our great results, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery. Here is what they have to say.

A very smooth and professional installation. Greencells office team was very helpful in what options were available and were able to tailor a solution that worked perfectly for me. Their installers were likewise very professional. Recommend Greencell Energy more for the quality of work that they have done.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

We operate in

  • Townsville

  • Ingham

  • Ayr

  • Charters Towers

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Our Range of Solar Power Townsville Products Have the Best Warranties in the Industry

Commercial Packages

Our range of extensive commercial solar products for businesses can help the property make the sustainable switch. All our products are from the industry’s top-performing manufacturers.

Residential Packages

We offer solar panels of various capacities. Each of these systems can be used to save on power bills. Additionally, a combination of solar panels, inverters and batteries can be used to lower grid dependency.

Hybrid inverter Packages

Hybrid inverters are incredible for a continuous supply of power. They are low on maintenance and can efficiently help make the switch to solar energy.

Our Customised 7 Step Process for Seamless Solar Panel Installation Townsville

1. Property Assessment

To recommend products that can add to savings, we inspect your property to analyse energy consumption patterns. This service is free and can be availed anywhere in Townsville. Upon understanding your energy needs, we will be able to recommend products that help lower power bills

2. Project Proposal

The information collected by our team is then used to craft a project proposal. This will be submitted to further the process.
The project proposal will highlight the following:

  • Estimated annual production with the power systems
  • Equipment specifications
  • Size and capacity of the systems
  • Layout plan of the panels
  • Our report will also give an estimate of annual savings through the renewable energy switch.

    3. Seamless process

    Our team takes care of the paperwork once the proposal has been submitted/approved. The process usually requires a few signatures from the property owners

    4. Installation

    Installation is simple and hassle-free with GreenCell Solar. We are CEC approved solar installers. Rest assured our team is always following CEC guidelines to ensure safe and reliable installation

    5. Grid connection

    We submit a request on your behalf to the grid distributor. By doing so, your property gets connected to the grid and can operate smoothly on solar energy. At this stage, a change of meter or installation of a smart meter takes place. At this stage, you can also earn through the feed-in tariff

    6. Monitoring system performance

    Monitor the performance of your solar power systems with a WiFi monitoring system. With the system, you can keep a track of electricity usage, energy generated by solar panels. You can also identify when the power consumption is at its peak. This monitoring can be done from anywhere.

    7. Operation and maintenance

    At Greencell Solar, we offer professional and high-quality after-sales services. Once your system installed is functional, call us for site visits to check for site performance and efficiency. We also offer maintenance services to ensure consistent system performance
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    Greencell Energy is a Townville based specialist in providing residential & commercial solar power installation. Our team in the city are dedicated to helping homes and businesses find systems that can lower power bills and carbon footprint.

    We are a CEC approved solar retailer and we adhere to clean and customer-oriented work ethics at all times. We are a highly recommended provider known for installing the highest quality solar power systems in Townsville.

    As a local Townsville based solar provider, we offer a free and no-obligation site assessment. The outcome from this assessment will be explained in detail in our report. This service is offered at ZERO cost.

    • The solar design to fit the available roof space, how the panels will be placed and recommended system size
    • Product recommendations followed by drawing comparison of corresponding solar panels and inverters
    • Solar power system design to meet energy consumption patterns
    • Expected ROI from the installation
    • Guide on how you can choose the right solar power system for your Townsville home
    • Brief description of why the chosen product is a good fit. The report will also highlight details about product warranties, how GreenCell will install the system and what to expect in after-sales services
    • Highlighting the $0 upfront payment plans on the purchase

    We are on a mission to provide services that are at par with current industry standards. Through our services, get systems that help save on power bills while making an affordable investment.

    Townsville Office: 07 4448 3637


    Physical Address: Greencell Energy Townsville 2nd Floor/280 Flinders St Townsville QLD 4810

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