Things To Know Before Installation

1. Solar Power In Port Douglus

Port Douglas is a town and a locality in the Shire of Douglas, Queensland, Australia, approximately 70 km (40 mi) north of Cairns. its temperature range, clear blue sky and strong sun make Port Douglas and surrounding area one of the best for solar power installation. Port Douglas is Wind Region C, which makes it more prone to high wind and cyclone therefor solar companies have to check rating of mounting system. A professional solar installer will check the mounting system and install up to local standard,
Another big challenge in Port Douglas and surrounding area is humidity, in summer months humidity plays a big roll it is not friendly for any electrical equipment, Solar inverter are the main part of solar installation A profession solar Installers will check IP rating of an equipment according to the local condition.
Heat is another big factor in far Port Douglas and surrounding, solar Inverter exposed to direct sun will lost is efficiency and shorten its life. Again, professional installer will take is factor in to account and install up to the standard.

2. How on Grid Solar Power Works?

• Solar panels absorb the sun’s energy and contentiously convert it to DC energy when sun is shining on your system. We are fortunate that Australia is a sunny country So let’s sun do that work instead of dirty coal or fossil fuel.
• The solar inverter converts the DC energy to AC energy for use within the house load, Electricity flows through the house and powers electronic devices.
• If the power produces by your solar system is more than your house load or if power form solar not getting used because you are not home, or appliance are not turned on most off energy then will be fed back to grid through the net meter which counts as a credit on your energy bill.

3. Why solar is a great investment?

Solar is great investment; A good solar system pays for itself in around 3-5 years. Solar panels can save money in the long-term by saving hundreds off your energy bill every year. When solar panels produce electricity, it gets used in the house first and if it doesn’t get used in the house because no one is in the house power is then fed grid. For every kWh of electricity that your solar panels export to the grid, your energy distributor will pay you few cents off your electricity bill. A good solar system can Increase the value of your home or business. You may also get rebates, or other clean energy incentives offered by the Government.

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