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A solar panel installation Geelong is a simple process provided you are reaching out to the right experts. Let us assist you on the journey to going green!

Solar Systems in Geelong by GreenCell Energy

Geelong has immense potential to take advantage of the Sun’s energy it is receiving. By going in for an installation today, households and businesses can economise on their electricity bills and take advantage of the rebates offered by the Government. 

If you are planning on going in for a panel, there are various aspects to be considered. We offer packages depending upon the level of customisation you are looking for. Mono half-cut panels that come with WiFi-enabled inverters and can perform smart monitoring of the panel’s performance are included in the 6.6kW package. These systems have a warranty that extends into years and thus you will not be needed to replace the panel unless of course uncalled for calamities strike.


Green Power Solutions for Geelong

When you decide on going solar, there is a big change at hand. A change that involves having panels installed, and opting for a green way of life. As climate change wreaks havoc and countries are stepping up to take advantage of renewable resources, the time for green power is now. 

Solar power is a green form of energy that converts the energy from the Sun into electricity with negligible emissions. In addition to this, the costs incurred are low when compared to traditional energy production. Now is the best time to invest in this power. This is because, in the coming years, electricity will change its course. Households and businesses will be required to have panels installed and as the demand for green power increases, so will the costs. Thus, get your panel now and save much. GreenCell offers various designs of panels and our experts conduct assessments of the home before we recommend a scheme that suits you. Our unbeatable value packages include the most popular sizes 6.6kW, 10.3kW, 11.1kW, 13.2kW and a 6.6kW battery ready system.

GreenCell Energy- Trusted brand in Solar Systems For The Future!

Finding the right company and right products can be confusing sometimes. Speak with our experts today! We see to the entire process from start to finish and give you products of the highest quality. Renewable energy is the future. Get your residential solar system installation today by local Geelong experts.

Use the GreenCell Energy side by side panel and inverter comparison page to discover the latest technology available in your region and reduce your power bill!

We are a CEC Accredited Retailer and Solar Installers in Geelong

100% Locally Owned and Operated Business

Our experts are informed and well versed with the requirements of the area and the installation is done according to the guidelines. .

We focus on your satisfaction

Our customer's satisfaction is our prime focus and we ensure that only after you are satisfied with our designs, plan, and what we explain, will the process be started. Our customer service is always at the ready to answer any questions!

Always at your reach

We are open to any feedback or comments that you may have. Our team is always available to answer any queries, assist you with any help that you may need

We are CEC Accredited Retailers and Installers

We are certified by the Clean Energy Council. The packages that we offer to our customers are such that they are curated keeping what the customer wants in mind.

Our Range of Solar Power Installation in Geelong Have the Best Warranties in the Industry

Commercial Packages

With manufacturers such as Jinko, Qcell, REC, Risen, SMA sunny boy, Fronius, Sungrow, Goodwe etc, we ensure that you are getting quality products. High-quality solar systems are provided.

Residential Packages

Our range of packages start from 6.6 kW, 7.7kw, 11.1kw and 13.2kw solar system for Geelong households. With these packages, you can opt for solar batteries or hybrid power systems to get the maximum benefit.

Hybrid inverter Packages

A hybrid system couples the benefits of both kinds of panels. You need not worry about the power cuts as the batteries will store excess power for your need. In addition, you can gain commission on the energy sent to the grid..


Our Customised 7 Step Process for Seamless Panel Installation Geelong

1. Property Assessment

The first step to having your solar panels installed is to assess your home so that you are fit with the right panels that will suit the energy needs of it. This is a FREE service.

2. Project Proposal

A proposal is then given to you by our experts..
This report includes

  • the layout of the panels
  • Estimated annual production report of panels
  • Detailed findings
  • Equipment specifications
  • System size suggestions.
  • 3. Seamless process

    Everything right from the initial queries to the post-installation work is seen by our professionals. There is no hassle that is involved. We aim to make the journey to solar power a smooth one in order to get more people to join the cause.

    4. Installation

    The installation process follows. This is taken care of by CEC approved solar installers. We at all times adhere to CEC guidelines to ensure a safe and quality installation.

    5. Grid connection

    In order for the meter connection to be changed, a request will be sent by our team to the local grid distributor.

    6. Monitoring system performance

    Monitoring and tracking is an essential part of the process and with smart WiFi solutions, you can do this anywhere and everywhere. This enables you to get timely updates and alerts about how the system is performing

    7. Operation and maintenance

    At GreenCell Energy, we pay equal focus to after-sales services. Our team can pay annual visits to check and analyse the system performance, efficiency and effectiveness.

    Speak with our experts today for your solar quote! Looking for Geelong solar providers? We are one call away!

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    GreenCell is a CEC approved solar retailer and provides solar panel installations in Australia to both households and businesses. By adopting ethical practices, a range of designs, and quality services we ensure that our clientele is satisfied with what we offer. 

    To help you decide if you wish to go in for panels, we advise that you avail of our on-site, no-obligation assessment where our experts will advise you on whether the site is optimal for panels and explain the entire procedure. 

    Solar systems Geelong are a great investment for both residential as well as commercial spaces and our experts are proficient in providing this. During the assessment, the following points will be discussed. 

    We believe that you should get your money’s worth when you go in for solar power Geelong. 

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    We’re proud to say that GreenCell Energy is the end-to-end solar solution specialists. Founded in 2015, KAKA Contractors Pty Ltd T/A GreenCell Energy, our company operates with a significant customer based approach which we like to call ‘take it to the people’, which is backed up by the expertise and experience of our team’s technicians.
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