Greencell Energy was established by long term friends whom share a mutual passion for renewable energy. They started their journey back in 2015 after working in the renewable energy sector for many years. With their combined experience, they saw a vision that is firmly establishing its place in the solar power industry by providing an exceptional level of concierge style customer service and above average industry standard warranties to residential and Commercial markets

Greencell energy we have created pleasant work environment for their employee, our policies and practices are focused on employee’s well-being. We promote diversity and equality at workplace and believe in providing an equal work environment to every employee irrespective of race, religion, gender, etc. Our HR practices encourage the adoption and implementation of Australian standers and best practices for overall betterment of employees. Fostering a sense of pride amongst our employees about their association with Greencell Energy is the prime driving force behind all activities undertaken by us.

Greencell Energy Group remains committed towards capability building of its employees as it is essential to achieve organizational goal. Leadership training programmes are organized for high potential employees with right set of behavioural skills for future leadership roles. In house trainings on managerial skills, problem solving, decision making, interpersonal skills & other relevant competencies are regularly organized.

We promote work life balance for our employees to have healthy lifestyle, We believe Improvement in physical and mental wellbeing results is enhanced performance & productivity.