Most of Australian energy providers and governments have reduced the solar feed-in tariff received for feeding in to the grid. This means traditional grid feed solar systems have less attractive. Most of the people are working during the day time so they don’t use all solar energy which is generated. Therefore, most of the solar energy is fed into the grid for very little return. A hybrid solar system can store your energy in a battery instead of feeding back to the grid, which then can be utilize later when needed in the evening time.

Our Most Popular Hybrid solar Package.

Hybrid inverter

Hybrid inverter is a combination of traditional on-grid inverter and off-gird inverters. During normal operation the hybrid inverter synchronizes with your mains utility power and supplements your power usage using the solar power during the day. In addition to this cost saving during daylight hours, batteries are used to supplement your usage during the evening hours.

Hybrid inverter with backup battery and emergency power supply

In addition to Hybrid inverter, these inverters have an Emergency Power Supply (EPS) which offers backup power if your mains utility power fails. In EPS mode power is supplied solely from the battery pack up to the maximum capacity of the inverter installed.

Why Store Solar Energy in a Battery?

Hybrid solar system can provide backup power during a blackout.

Hybrid Solar System Advantages

Hybrid system stores solar power produce by your system during day time.

Hybrid system allow you to use solar energy during the peak times.

Back-up power available during a blackout or grid outage.

Solar hybrid enables the advance