We offer full-range of electrical solutions for all your needs!

Electrical Services in Cairns & Townsville

Looking for electrical services in Cairns & Townsville? Look no further. We, at Greencell Energy, offer all types of services for all your electrical needs. We can handle every type of job whether it is domestic, commercial, or industrial.

Our team of expert electricians can do everything from installation to repair and anything in between.

Our Electrical Services Include

Air Conditioning

Get the best Air conditioning installation and repair service in Cairns & Townsville with Greencell Energy. We are your local air conditioning electrician who are committed to provide the best advice to choose the right air con system for your home or office. Greencell Energy and our technicians are industry leaders in installing split system air conditioning systems in your house or business around Cairns & Townsville. 

We also supply and install all the major brands including Daikin, LG, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Fujitsu and Kelvinator. So don’t wait, contact us today for all your air con needs.

Safety Switches

Safety switch as the name suggests is to keep you safe. At Greencell Energy, we offer every type of Safety Switch service that you need to keep you and your family safe. 

Our services include safety switch installation, safety switch replacement, safety switch upgrade, and safety switch inspections in Cairns & Townsville. Remember that safety switches are not optional, they are necessary.

Switch Boards Upgrade

Switchboards are the crucial part of a home or business’ electricity. Switchboard is the main device that receives supply from the network provider and then distributes it to the various circuits in the house. If you are facing issues with your switchboard and looking to install new switchboards in the Cairns and Townsville area, then look no further. At Greencell Energy, we ensure modern designed switchboards installation to cope with today’s modern appliances. And if you have old switchboards installed in your home, then contact us, we will let you know if it meets electrical safety standards or not!

Safety Inspections

On-site, we will observe for any possible electrical hazards risk. We will also perform a thorough check of your safety equipment like first-aid kits and fire extinguishers. The inspection includes checking on wiring, circuit breakers, fuses, electrical equipment and more. Our experts will enumerate all the possible remedies if any. The safety inspection services that we offer in Cairns & Townsville are unmatched by any competitor.

LED Lighting

Lightings are the biggest cost of electricity when it comes to home and business owners. However, upgrading to LED lighting can lead to less electricity operating cost and they last for around 10 years. We have helped many people save money and the environment by switching to LED lighting in Cairns and Townsville.

Solar Power

We are the most trusted and experienced Solar system providers in Cairns & Townsville. Whether you want solar systems for your home or business, we got you covered. Our solar experts perform a complete site assessment and then installation. Our packages range from 6.6kW residential installations up to 100kW large scale commercial projects. We have a team of local experts who can customise solar power systems for you to maximise ROI. At Greencell Energy, we believe in providing superior after sales service.

Fault Finding

Sometimes a power supply failure is sourced to a wiring fault. Finding faults in this scenario is a problem half solved. The process requires trained eyes, professional tools, and experience. It can only be identified and repaired by a professional electrician. Call us for fault finding services in Cairns & Townsville, and we will work to your satisfaction. We will suggest only the optimum remedies and replacement products to you.


Preventing firing risks for your home is the wisest decision.  Regular wiring checks are a part of it. Unfortunately, the proper functioning of your electrical wiring is not easy to detect, especially for the untrained eye. To keep your home safest, call us for a professional wiring checkup in Cairns & Townsville. We will inspect your electrical wiring thoroughly and provide the best and financially reasonable plan.

Ceiling Fans

Want to replace your old ceiling fan and install a new one? Don’t break your back doing it. Trust the professional at Greencell Energy to provide you with the best installation service for your ceiling fans. We provide quality work every time you need and our electricians are trained to make things work fast for you.

Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan is one of the most important equipment that needs to be installed in a kitchen. It can help remove smoke and unwanted smell and also ventilate it. We at Greencell Energy offer the best installation and repair service for exhaust fans in Cairns and Townsville. Our expert electricians will access the place perfectly, and install the right one as per size and need of the kitchen.


A home feels safer with properly installed automated security systems. We are the best providers of CCTV in Cairns & Townsville. Our CCTV installation plan will cover all the spots and aspects including – entry & exit points, detection of high-risk areas and blind spots, ensuring secure angles to identify any threat, and discrete camera installation points. Our professionals will recommend the best security camera, hard disks, and wirings to you.

Sensor Lights

A sustainable approach to keep a driveway safe and secure at night time. Sensor lights are activated when a vehicle enters the driveway. You can install  sensor lights from the driveway to the garage for safe and sound parking. Our team of expert professionals will install the sensor lights at any property in Cairns & Townsville. We will recommend brands and products according to your choice, be it hard-wired sensor lights, solar-powered sensor lights, or battery-powered lights.

TV Point and TV Outlets

There’s a lot more things involved in creating points for your TV to a wall. Our TV point installation experts add the holes in the wall with perfection so that you plug your TV antenna cables to get digital TV reception. We also provide TV outlets installation service that you don’t have to use additional connectors.

Outdoor Lighting

A property should be well lit, both inside and outside. Our local electricians in Cairns & Townsville will replace your outdoor lighting with efficiency. They will suggest to you the best outdoor lights and vendors according to your budget and needs, and install them with minimal disruption to you and the neighbours. in the given time. As responsible citizens of Australia, we give priority to sustainable products and brands.

New Home Wiring

Building a new home and want wiring support in Cairns and Townsville? We at Greencell Energy provide the best wiring services. Our experienced electricians perform a thorough assessment of your new house and suggest the best wiring system that will last years without any support. We look at all your needs and access the place to provide the best wiring system.

Appliance Installation & Repair

Is your dishwasher and oven not working as you want them to? Don’t worry. Our electricians provide the best installation & repair service for your appliances and make sure they work efficiently as if they are new. Our experts look at the root cause of your appliance’s issue and then repair them accordingly.

Single and 3 phase power

Most homes are powered by either single-phase or 3-phase in Australia. Single-phase is recommended for small homes and offices. The 3-phase system features three wires plus a neutral. It is recommended for large homes and offices. Whether you need a fresh installation or a power upgrade from a single-phase to a 3-phase connection in Cairns & Townsville; we are here for your service. Our efficient electricians will recommend the system, wiring, and phases according to your need and budget.

Loss of Power

Depending upon the root cause, the loss of power can be a tricky thing to resolve. In case you experience this, contact us for a full support and our team of expert electricians will determine the root cause and help resolve the electricity issue.

Smoke Alarms

Prevent fire damage by installing smoke alarms at your homes and offices in Cairns & Townsville. An unfunctional smoke alarm is as bad as having no alarm. Our professional electricians will also perform a check on your installed smoke detectors, and perform maintenance & compliance checks. If there is a smoking hazard, we will recommend the most resourceful course of action.

Test and Tag

It is the process of checking the safety of electrical appliances. The process includes a visual check of appliances for damage, and then an electrical check of the functioning of the appliances. The check is performed by a portable electrical appliance tester. Professional PAT testers are the authorised professionals  to perform the aforementioned test. The appliances are divided into two classes, Class I (irons, kettles, etc) and Class II (hairdryers, drills etc.). Call us to perform a test and tag in Cairns & Townsville.

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