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Greencell Energy is a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer

We are now recognised as Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers. The CEC is the peak body for the Solar energy industry in Australia. A Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer is a company that has signed the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of conduct. This provides consumers peace of mind when buying a solar system.

clean energy council approved solar retailer

Why are we the top and most trusted Solar Company?

Greencell Energy is local just like you. We follow the highest industry standards to provide customized solar solutions. The business was started with a single goal, to help accelerate the growth and adoption of solar power systems across the nation for its obvious economic and environmental benefits. The business is reliant on the promise of 4 fundamental objectives, which are outlined in the company’s commitment.

Our Commitment

Product Quality


Customer Satisfaction

Environmental Impact

Cost vs Benefit

The cost of solar power systems has dropped significantly in past few years. There are Federal and state Government solar incentives and rebates available across the nation which has made buying solar more affordable it has ever been. Lower the cost of the solar system means, the solar panel system will quickly pay for itself from the savings you make on your electricity bills.

Darius and his wife bought a solar system from us in 2019. Darius paid nothing upfront chosen 3 years interest free payment plan to pay of his solar system worth $5500. Darius electricity bill before solar was avg $600 quarterly and after solar is Avg $60 bill. Darius is saving avg $540 quarterly on electricity bills and his repayments for solar system is only $435 approximately. let's listen from Darius.

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